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The Frenchman (Novel)

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Jean LaChance is the Frenchman–infamous lone thief escaping his past. Following a lucrative heist, he and his partner plan a rendezvous to split their score. At the rendezvous, LaChance instead finds Lilly Parsons and her three children. Over four days they find trust and belonging for the first time, and lives of loneliness and despair begin to melt away. One rainy night, Lilly flees in a panic with the kids in LaChance’s car that unbeknownst to her holds the heist money. Now LaChance is in mad pursuit of the woman and children he has grown to love, unsure of their motive for leaving and taking the money. What will he do when he finds them?

The Frenchman, the debut novel by B. B. Boudreau, leads readers down a path of robbery, escape, and pursuit of something we can’t understand until Boudreau unwraps it for us.

Early Praise for The Frenchman

From the beginning of this fantastic novel through to the end, it holds you on the edge of your seat, not letting go…. for anything. This review is probably going to be very short, for the simple fact that this book is so good there isn’t really much point at all trying to review it. The characters… are perfect. We love and hate the main character at the same time – almost reminiscent of the film The Prestige, in which our opinion of the characters are always changing. The language used in the story is lush and ingenious, and that is what held me in its grip. – Josiah Morgan, The Review Hutch

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  1. Yvonne Senko says:

    Just finished Death of a Frenchman, after the Frenchman. So enjoyed the books. My friend of Barbs friend loaned me them and if you want an exciting ride, read these. Congrats to Barb Boudreau for them. Keep on writing!!!

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