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What do I do? A blend of Zen and Ferocity

We’re all used to COVID by now. I read back through my terrified entries about washing groceries, avoiding any contact with people besides my husband, and fighting my terror of touching anything that doesn’t exist within the walls of my own house. No one has been here, and the house looks like it wouldn’t be…

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It never occurred to me that caring for my mother in her last days’ journey with Alzheimer’s would be repeated only several years later. My dear dog and faithful companion Lila has turned the corner into her twilight days. Certainly there are physical similarities; loss of faculties (sight, hearing), loss of mobility and energy, but…

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Taking a Lesson from Japan

I recently watched a report on the BBC, which is becoming more and more our choice for news, particularly during this COVID pandemic. Every other news station has become, well, something other than news.The report was about mask wearing in Japan. A view of the pedestrians emerging from Shinagawa Station in Tokyo was remarkable. The…

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Less or Fewer?

I love the colloquialisms of speech. The color and visual create a mind-freeing image of a person, making audio often much more exciting than seeing a face. I don’t even mind the use of the “aks” instead of ask. It’s not even a mispronunciation anymore. It’s a word learned from the environment of the speaker….

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Birthday Plans?


It has been six weeks. I look at this pitiful collection of 7 essays with disgust for lack of output. So, in order not to chastise myself too severely, I have to take stock of what I have done in the past weeks that COVID-fucking-19 has changed our lives. I’m hoping it’s a substantial list,…

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Retch, the black-billed magpie

As a kid, I continually “rescued” baby birds in the spring, thinking erroneously that they needed me to survive. There were sparrows, robins and even one pigeon that I kept for quite a while. Though I eventually ended this practice (much to my mother’s pleasure), the fascination with birds as pets never left me. So…

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The new news is that now we are encouraged to wear masks. Even though Mr. Big in the White House claims he will not. I think Darwin himself would not argue with that decision. Our normally free existence has become a sci-fi movie. I remember just recently (pre-COVID) walking down the street and trying to…

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Return to the Source

Last Day of March. Most of my garden has been cleaned. Only the edges of the driveway remain cocooned in last year’s leaves, a heavy blanket that resists the rake. Those shielding leaves take their job seriously, layering perfectly in alternate patterns, allowing the spring rain to percolate through. When the emerging shoots are finally…

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Holding Hands

We’re in our 25th year of marriage, which sounds impossible to start with. Al was 55 when we got married in Zaire, so even if we try to deny the passage of time, he is in that undesirable “elderly” category. That category was undesirable even before this virus. And though some information on COVID-19 has…

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