B.B. Boudreau

Novelist | Singer

Death of the Frenchman

The long-awaited sequel of The Frenchman by B.B. Boudreau–

Jean LaChance and Lilly Parsons have escaped detective Guy Santino to an idyllic life with the children on a distant tropical island. But a vicious hurricane destroys their home and livelihood, and LaChance resolves to return to the States and collect the cash he has secreted away to rebuild their lives. Though the errand should be a simple one, LaChance is unaware that the retired Santino is still trailing him with fierce determination, preparing a trap to put the thief away for good. While Lilly and the kids wait in agony for his return, LaChance jeopardizes his newfound life with the risky mission. Is this the Frenchman’s final undoing?



With keen insight and a tender touch, Barbara Boudreau creates a cat-and-mouse game that seamlessly weaves together the meaning of identity with the possibility of transformation for both the pursuer and the prey.

JoeAnn Hart, author of Stamford ’76, A True Story of Murder, Corruption, Race, and Feminism in the 1970s


Boudreau’s strengths are twisty plotting and her ability to place the reader squarely into the head of every character.

Eileen MacDougall, Host, Creator/Host/Editor–Book Stew on WCTV

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