B.B. Boudreau

Novelist | Singer

Calling coyotes in Montana–1980

Wild encounters are magical for those who love wild surroundings and their native residents. I often find myself talking to birds, deer, woodchucks and other animals as easily as chatting with someone in line at a supermarket. The craving for these experiences has led me to episodes which live in my brain like an old…

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Atolobako Vukoyo

Today, amid the busyness that is a normal job in a normal life, I escaped from my head long enough to remind myself how really good life is, and how we are given guardians and f riends when we most need them. It is January, and the time of year that I most think of…

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Check Your Meters

We had a funny thing happen the other day. We discovered that we’ve been paying for somebody else’s water for seven years. Thankfully the new neighbors downstairs have been taking long, hot showers that made a significant difference in the quantity from the neighbors before them – not that I support wasting water – just…

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