B.B. Boudreau

Novelist | Singer

I Never Met a Man That I Didn’t Like

The reason I started this story is something B said to me. She said, “You could be famous!” This is usually when she’s talking to other people about me, but she also talks to me, and I’m a good listener. I’m pretty sharp and can remember the names of lots of things, at least what…

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Birthday Plans?

The plan was to throw a 140th Birthday Celebration for our 60th and 80th birthdays, which happen to land only three days apart.  We had originally planned to rent the Gloucester Fraternity Club and invite everyone we knew. After all, we only turn 140 once. The club booked and we were beginning to make plans…

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We were Mountain Children – 1968

In 1968, an event occurred that shaped the rest of my life. My father took a Camp Director position at Camp Perkins in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho for the summer. We pulled our houseboat, The Tortoise with our 1964 Ford Galaxy all the way from southeastern Kansas to Idaho, across the Great Plains and…

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