B.B. Boudreau

Novelist | Singer

I Want to be My Dog

But not just any dog. I want to be my dog Sailor, the best example of living well. I want to greet each day with the smile of a two-year-old, in anticipation of nothing more than gazing into the eyes of a loved one. A magnetic look that sends love lasers through the air and…

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I Never Met a Man That I Didn’t Like

The reason I started this story is something B said to me. She said, “You could be famous!” This is usually when she’s talking to other people about me, but she also talks to me, and I’m a good listener. I’m pretty sharp and can remember the names of lots of things, at least what…

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It’s Another Dog Story

Valued reader, I know there are a million dog stories out there, and many of us read them. Is it overkill? Perhaps. Or perhaps writers write about dogs because they are so special. They are happy all the time. They are loyal, present, honest, playful, smart and they seem to know what we want and…

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