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Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Mousam’s Sailor of Cricket Creek, but you can call me Sailor, and I’m so pleased to meet you! You can see from my profile photo that I am a tri-color Australian Shepherd. I’m also Stock-Dog registered, if you are one who is interested in credentials, as humans often are, though dogs themselves couldn’t care less. I live in Gloucester, Massachusetts with my people, A and B—they are good people. They brought me here in the car (first car ride; I almost puked but I didn’t—just drooled buckets) when I was only a pup. They drove all the way up to Shapleigh, Maine where I was born to pick me up. My mom’s name is Harley and I look just like her, only bigger.

I’m going to tell you my story. I will start at the beginning and add chapters as I learn more stuff, and we can get to be friends. Of course, B must type this for me—she pushes me away every time I try to get near the computer. I guess it’s not a dog thing. I will relay the stories to her, and she can type them and send them to you. I’m lucky because she loves to write, and my story will take some time to tell. I’ll start with my puppyhood.

I had the coolest puppyhood. In my pack was mom and dad, my two brothers and one sister. One girl and three boys. I was the last one born, and the littlest one, or something, because they called me #3.

Then there were two mastiffs the size of elephants who were great and I could jump and play on them all day and bite their ears and their noses and they didn’t care. I’m still attracted to big black dogs. Our people pack members: a very nice lady and man and three kids. I guess this kind of spoiled me, because I always think that people and other dogs like me. I have found that the outside world is a little different, but I’m trying to spread as much cheer and love as I can. Most people and dogs like me, but some do not. I have developed a strategy. I have perfected “banana butt.” You’ve all seen it before even if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I sidle up to you in a perfect “J,” just like a banana, all smiles and tail awaggin’. So glad they didn’t dock my tail, or this tactic would be much less effective. I’ll talk more about this later.

The only thing I remember about Maine is my pack. I guess I spent a lot of time in the whelping box. Then my new people brought me home. Lots of scary open stairs that I didn’t have to climb until I got bigger. I was confused at first, because B kept calling me “NO!” in a loud voice and I was pretty sure that was my name for a while. But then when I got toys, they called me “Sailor” and I suppose it stuck.

Thank you for reading my Dog Blog. This is just the beginning. I will tell you loads of stories because I have a pretty swell life in Gloucester. I even have a girlfriend! More about her later. Nap time.


  1. Amy Gouger says:

    Love this B
    OurTess also came from Maine and did puke in the car 3 times on the way home.
    She was the tiny one and had 9 siblings.
    Can’t wait to hear more of Sailor’s adventures. xo

  2. Katie says:

    Well Done Barb and Al and Sailor‼️

  3. Marjorie StPaul says:

    hey Sailor. we’ve met and i already really like you. so keep telling your story. your people (B and A) are family with my person Reg.

  4. Barbara says:

    Thank you! Getting ready to post another one!

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