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My girlfriend Maisie

I have a girlfriend! Her name is Maisie. I met her the very first day my people brought me to my new home. She came to my house. At that time, she was bigger than I was, and lots stronger. She could jump too! She outweighed me and so when we ran, sometimes I would get knocked butt over teakettle. Sometimes she was rough, but while I am a peacemaker, I am no sissy. We mouth wrestle a lot, and Maisie makes the most provocative moaning sounds. I like having Maisie for my girlfriend.

We go for a walk together every day. Sometimes at Brace Cove, but then Maisie gets all slimy and dirty from the seaweed and her person J groans and has to bathe her. I don’t like the seaweed as much as Maisie does, but I do like the water, even when the water stands up, turns white and splashes me right where I go in. Sometimes we go to the Seine Field where they have this track laid down all the way around the outside. It’s a racing track for dogs, I think. But the people walk. We go there all the time, ever since I was a baby.

And a weird thing happened. Maisie used to be bigger than me, and now I’m way bigger than Maisie, but she’s still older than me. How does that work? So now I can outrun her, and I can get ahead and ambush her when she comes down the path. The grass is real tall, and I can lie down with just my head above the grass and see her coming, but she can’t see me. It’s great fun!

Maisie runs and I chase her. She used to chase me but that game has changed. Sometimes she hides behind J’s legs and then I get mad and yell at her and that makes our people yell at me. I have this really loud voice as you remember but I only yell when I’m impatient or when I’m chasing a dog. And I can’t help it—I just go craaaazyyyyy when a dog runs and I can chase them. And I screech with every bound to keep them running because it’s so exciting!! But sometimes Maisie has too much of this game and she just stops, and then I have to find something else to do.

I get to be boss outside now, but when we’re at her house, she’s boss, so she plays above me from the couch all the time and moans and we roll on the floor and make out while our people talk. Maisie’s great. I’m so lucky I have a girlfriend.

I’m a Lucky Guy
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