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Interviews, shows and readings

Shortly after I self-published The Frenchman (my first novel), I was lucky enough to run into a friend of mine whose wife does a weekly television show called “Off the Shelf.” I gave him a copy of the book and about two weeks later, his wife Veronica Andrews called me and wanted to interview me for the show. Wow, I thought. That was easy.

We did the show, and she was terrific. So I thought I would give John Ronan a try at the Gloucester Public TV station. His show is called “The Writer’s Block.” I sent him a copy and sure enough, about two weeks later he called and invited me to interview about my book. I took copies of both of the videos to the Newburyport Station and they agreed to air them both.

Then, a good friend of mine introduced me to another friend, Eileen MacDougall, who does a TV show called “Book Stew” in Wilmington, and we did an interview! Unbelievable. So I am providing one of those video links for you to enjoy. I hope it will provide the curiosity to read “The Frenchman.” Have a great rainy day!

Book Stew, Wilmington Public Television with Eileen MacDougall: vimeo.com/127487031