B.B. Boudreau

Novelist | Singer

I Want to be My Dog

But not just any dog. I want to be my dog Sailor, the best example of living well. I want to greet each day with the smile of a two-year-old, in anticipation of nothing more than gazing into the eyes of a loved one. A magnetic look that sends love lasers through the air and…

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Holding Hands

We’re in our 25th year of marriage, which sounds impossible to start with. Al was 55 when we got married in Zaire, so even if we try to deny the passage of time, he is in that undesirable “elderly” category. That category was undesirable even before this virus. And though some information on COVID-19 has…

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Cats and Dogs (A Writing Prompt for Fishtales, October 2014)

This title always makes me smile. Dogs and Cats. Or Cats and Dogs. It’s like saying old model Chevy transmissions and Rare Romanian Fragrances. Dogs and Cats are that much alike, generally. Though I am no expert on animal behavior, I have had both, and have mused over their behavior, read and written about it,…

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Best Judge of Character

The domestic dog is an incredibly controversial, much loved, at times maligned, but vital companion in our society. I have read that humans could not have become stock keepers if it weren’t for the assistance of the dog, particularly in the case of sheep. Rupert Sheldrake, in his fabulous “Dogs That Know When Their Owners…

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